Thursday, April 26, 2007

Three Months to Go

I'm really excited about attending the LLLI conference this year in Chicago. I am going thanks to a Ripplewood Scholarship and am grateful, but who knew how much work it would be even months ahead of time?

There's so much to decide and so much to do. The first big decision for me was who should go with me. The whole family (DH, 6 yo DS, and 5 mo DD)? Or just me and DD? After much debate, it's just going to be me and DD. I bought my tickets this week. We're going to fly out (only 1 airline ticket needed), and DS and DH are going to stay at home. It's a lot less complicated that way, although I'm not really looking forward to navigating two airports and worrying about transporting luggage and a carseat by myself.

It will be the first time I've been away from DS that long, and I miss him already. He doesn't really want me to go without him, but DH was not into going (which would have meant driving 2 days each way with 2 kids and boarding 4 pets at our vet at home while we were gone), and people keep telling me it will be good for them! It's hard to let go sometimes.

On another conference note, I've also submitted an abstract for a global session and am waiting to hear if it was accepted. It has to do with nursing the "older child" (3 or above) and how we as Leaders can support mothers who chose to do so. I am working on a book of this same topic and thought it would be wonderful to see this covered at the conference. It was an obvious lack to me as I looked at the conference schedule. Hopefully, I will know by next week.