Saturday, July 28, 2007


Lily and I really enjoyed the conference, which lasted until Monday night. After a semistressful lunch on Monday afternoon (young eater and grabby hands!), we skipped out on the Gala Dinner, and I picked up a Subway sandwich instead.

I was wondering if I let my sandwich sit too long because I was hoping Lily would go to sleep. When it became obvious she wouldn't be going to bed soon, I ate my sandwich and watched a little T.V. (for the first time since we'd arrived).

Later that night, with Lily sleeping, I lay tucked in the bed reading Harry Potter when I started to feel queasy. I thought it was either the sandwich or perhaps not enough sleep. However, when I got sick a bit later, I knew it was something more: either food poisoning or a stomach virus. It wasn't until I was home and catching up on emails on Thursday that I found out I wasn't the only one sick!

So, Tuesday, which was originally supposed to be a day for family visits, ended up being a day to hang out at the hotel, rest, pack for our Wednesday flight, and finish Harry Potter. Needless to say, I didn't eat much. It took me a few days to really get back on track.

Lily was also starting to seem a bit fussy at the conference, and by Thursday morning, she had a full-blown cold. She passed it on to A.J. by Friday. We're not getting too much sleep around here lately, but I'm sure it will pass soon.

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