Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Helpful Lists, Etc.

If you're a Leader and you haven't found them yet, there are some great discussions going on on the LLLI CN. I'm subscribed to a couple of them, keeping tabs on the conference in general, on the LLLIConf discussion (http://community.llli.org/group.htm?igid=14233) and the Harry Potter plans on the Harry Potter Party discussion (http://community.llli.org/profile.htm?mode=vp&pid=27812). I know there are more, including one discussing the World's Faire.

The LLLIConf discussion has covered everything from the airport shuttle to babysitting rates at the conference. It's definitely helping me to feel more prepared and to feel like I'm already connecting with other Leaders going to the conference.

As far as the Harry Potter discussion, I think it's so awesome that the Leaders have found a way for us addicts to get our HP fix without leaving the hotel! I doubt I'll have much time to read, but maybe if DD falls asleep on the plane on the way home, I can get started...I just have to resist the urge to turn to the last page early. I don't want Harry to die!!!

Oh, it also looks like I have a roommate for the conference days, Friday through Monday. A friend and Leader from a nearby town will probably share my room. That will be a great way to have some adult company (if we're ever in the room at the same time) and also a way to save a little money!

My mother and sister are coming up Monday from central Illinois to visit after the conference is officially over and will stay two nights with me. We're thinking about visiting the Shedd Aquarium Tuesday after the conference. I feel almost guilty for going without my 6 yo DS, but if it's really cool, maybe we'll plan a trip there sometime when we're visiting family in Illinois in the future.

I'm also making plans to visit with a friend who lives in Chicago. I haven't seen her in at least 7 years. We went to college together and were pretty close, so it's great to have this chance to see her again.

I can't believe it's only 2 1/2 more weeks to go! How will I ever get everything done!

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Don't forget about the Virtual Conference CN discussion, too: